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ACB Chants

Chant with us! Spend some time learning these chants and songs for the best game day experience! Join over 2300 Galaxy supporters across the whole Victoria Block as we cheer on the LA Galaxy.

Oh, LA Galaxy!

Oooohhhh, LA Galaxyyyy!
LA Galaxy! LA Galaxy! LA Galaxy!

Angelinos (Y vamos Angelinos)

Angeliiinooos! Y vamos Angeliiinooos!
Y vamos Angeliiinooos! Y vamso Angeliiiiinos!

Vamos Campeone (Call & Response)

Whoooaaaooo! Vamos Angelinos!
Whoooaaaooo! Vamos Campeon!

Oh Sweet Galaxy!

Oh sweet Galaxy, always a part of me!Oh hear me shout, hear me shout, hear me shout, shout, shout!Rain or shine, win or lose, my heart belongs to you!

Aleo Aleo (Arms on Shoulders)

Aleo aleo, aleo aleo, aleo aleo,
LA’s the team that I adore!
Blue, white and gold!
Is who we’re here for!
So hear me roar!From coast to coast!

Dale Galaxy

Dale dale dale Galaxy!
Dale dale dale Galaxy!
Daleee Los Angeles!

This Is LA!

This is LA, our city our home!
Los Angeles, we never walk alone!
Forever true, we’ll stay,
In tribute to our city!
No matter where we go,This is our home!

We Love Ya!

We love ya! We love ya! We love ya!
And everywhere you go
we’ll follow! we’ll follow! we’ll follow!
Cause we support
And that’s the way we
like it, we like it! we like it!
Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!

I’m LA Till I die!

I’m LA till I die! I’m LA till I die!
I know I am! I’m sure I am!
I’m LA till I die!

Let’s Go LA! (Call & Response)

Let’s go LA!
LA campione!
Play for glory the glory LA!
Ole Ole Ole! Let’s go LA!

LA Mental

For you we will go mental
To you we will be faithful
We bleed Blue White and Gold!

Hey Hey Hey Galaxy!

Na Na Na! Na Na Na!
Hey Hey Hey!
Oooohhhh! Ooohhhh!

LA LA LA Let’s Go

LA LA LA let’s go!
LA LA LA let’s go!
LA LA LA let’s gooohh!
L, A, LA, LA!